Be My Valentine

~A Valentine's gift exchange between artist friends.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Lelainia from Liz

Liz's gift arrived in thei wonderful box, in my most favourite colour! It was chock full of little surprises.

When I took the lid off, there were all kinds of pretty packages inside, each one wrapped and tied with a ribbon and a tag explaining what she chose. Liz, like Barbara has gorgeous handwriting. Liz did such a nice job of the info tags that I am going to make them into a small book so I can keep them.

It wasn't long before the paper was off, revealing all the treasures she had carefully chosen and sent. Everything from handmade soaps to tomato scented incense, to a mixed CD, to candy, chai, magazines, ephemera and ornaments and more!

The thing that I loved the best though was this little antique articulated ruler. It folds in four segments and is edged in brass and made from boxwood. I adore old tools and it felt so good in my hands. It reminded me of my Gramps. I am going to find a special place for it in my studio because I know I will want to pick it up from time to time and unfold it, just because. (It's sitting on top of the box in this photo.)

Thank you Liz for all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Your choices reminded me of what kindred spirits we are. I loved everything and thank you for making today special for me. Opening your box felt like you were right here with me. I hope the PO has your parcel today. xox



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