Be My Valentine

~A Valentine's gift exchange between artist friends.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

To Amy from Linda

Amy says:
In my set of goodies was a little bag with a gorgeous rhinestone closure, some lovely fabric and a terrific goodie bag filled with all kinds of notions, foil, thread, etc.
I also received a favorite stamp, some alcohol inks (love them!), distressing powder that I can't wait to try, a little journal and a little book of scenery drawings which I can't wait to use to fill the journal!
I was also the recipient of a darling knitted washcloth and one of my favorite rose soaps. We were definitely in synch and it turned out amazing all neatly tucked away in a cigar box. Linda went way above and beyond!



  • At 8:18 a.m. , Blogger Dawn said...

    I love the little creatures that are with the gifts to Amy? Are they handmade? If so, who made them?


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