Be My Valentine

~A Valentine's gift exchange between artist friends.

Monday, February 18, 2008

To Barbara from Lelainia

Lelainia-thank you again for the wonderful gifties. In the photo you will see only one toffee bar-my dog grabbed 2 of them when I turned for my camera. At least he left me one. LOL That dog is a chocoholic-he can smell it even when he's downstairs.>br>

hmm, what did you send me. Ist off, the packaging was gorgeous. The red pouch was stunning & the pressies wrapped in those ultra cool bags W/ the buttons, Oh My! (I saved the paper of course!). I wished I had taken a pic of the pouch before I opened it, but I was eager to get inside. Right away I was grinning from ear to ear-I managed to open my 3 favorite things right off the bat-paper, buttons & candy. The paper pack was to die for-we know how I love paper!!! LOL I have never seen those papers before-who makes them? The buttons you got from the estate In NY were gorgeous-I have never seen buttons like that before either.

I love bird stamps (how do you know these things-is it the March baby thing? :o) & both the ribbons & brads were marvelous. I don't have any heart ones of either the brads or ribbon. I laughed when I saw the post-it's. I could cover my entire body daily w/ those & still forget things. I loved the whimsical lantern & read the book, "How to avoid making art" while eating the remaining toffee bar (yum). I especially related to two pages in the book, 'compare your work to the masterworks of the great masters' and 'let your studio accumulate enough clutter that work becomes impossible there'. You have seen the photos of my mess. LOL The 2 Shawn Mullins cd's were great & were immediately downloaded. I am totally ignorant re: the German crystals. I know they have something to do w/ stamping....

Your pressies were perfect & I loved the variety.



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