Be My Valentine

~A Valentine's gift exchange between artist friends.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Linda From Amy

The packages were all neatly wrapped and well taped so was fun to get
them all open. I unwrapped them to find 3 yummy bars of chocolate which didn't make it into the pics because hubby found them
and scarfed them up. (Well I made him of course share especially the dark
chocolate which was my fav!!) Then I opened a fun book that was
obviously one of Amy's favourites. I hope to start reading it really soon-I never have enough hours to do that!

I then opened another box with some wonderful Caran D'Ache crayons that of course I love to use as well. I have quite a few but not the colors Amy sent so that was a fun treat! Next was a box of Chai. YUMMY-I love tea and especially Chai!

And Finally, best of all were two small boxes. one with a delightful cameo that was soldered and made into a key chain. The other larger box was a wonderful soldered necklace with dominos and a beautiful charm all attached to a fabulous silver chain. I have already worn that to work to show it off! I attached the cameo to my favourite knitting bag so as not to get it damaged in my messy purse. This way can see and use it every day!

It was fun to do the swap and see what Amy enjoys and see that I loved it all too!!



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