Be My Valentine

~A Valentine's gift exchange between artist friends.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Linda From Amy

The packages were all neatly wrapped and well taped so was fun to get
them all open. I unwrapped them to find 3 yummy bars of chocolate which didn't make it into the pics because hubby found them
and scarfed them up. (Well I made him of course share especially the dark
chocolate which was my fav!!) Then I opened a fun book that was
obviously one of Amy's favourites. I hope to start reading it really soon-I never have enough hours to do that!

I then opened another box with some wonderful Caran D'Ache crayons that of course I love to use as well. I have quite a few but not the colors Amy sent so that was a fun treat! Next was a box of Chai. YUMMY-I love tea and especially Chai!

And Finally, best of all were two small boxes. one with a delightful cameo that was soldered and made into a key chain. The other larger box was a wonderful soldered necklace with dominos and a beautiful charm all attached to a fabulous silver chain. I have already worn that to work to show it off! I attached the cameo to my favourite knitting bag so as not to get it damaged in my messy purse. This way can see and use it every day!

It was fun to do the swap and see what Amy enjoys and see that I loved it all too!!


Monday, February 18, 2008

To Barbara from Lelainia

Lelainia-thank you again for the wonderful gifties. In the photo you will see only one toffee bar-my dog grabbed 2 of them when I turned for my camera. At least he left me one. LOL That dog is a chocoholic-he can smell it even when he's downstairs.>br>

hmm, what did you send me. Ist off, the packaging was gorgeous. The red pouch was stunning & the pressies wrapped in those ultra cool bags W/ the buttons, Oh My! (I saved the paper of course!). I wished I had taken a pic of the pouch before I opened it, but I was eager to get inside. Right away I was grinning from ear to ear-I managed to open my 3 favorite things right off the bat-paper, buttons & candy. The paper pack was to die for-we know how I love paper!!! LOL I have never seen those papers before-who makes them? The buttons you got from the estate In NY were gorgeous-I have never seen buttons like that before either.

I love bird stamps (how do you know these things-is it the March baby thing? :o) & both the ribbons & brads were marvelous. I don't have any heart ones of either the brads or ribbon. I laughed when I saw the post-it's. I could cover my entire body daily w/ those & still forget things. I loved the whimsical lantern & read the book, "How to avoid making art" while eating the remaining toffee bar (yum). I especially related to two pages in the book, 'compare your work to the masterworks of the great masters' and 'let your studio accumulate enough clutter that work becomes impossible there'. You have seen the photos of my mess. LOL The 2 Shawn Mullins cd's were great & were immediately downloaded. I am totally ignorant re: the German crystals. I know they have something to do w/ stamping....

Your pressies were perfect & I loved the variety.


To Dawn from Debra

Debra sent a wonderful box full of treasures, complete with a heart shaped treasure map. Some of the goodies she sent me included:

1. Fabric of various patterns and textures, such as upholstery fabric. (I do need to sew ... but this material would also make very cool book covers or gift wrap too ... since I'm the Glue Gun Queen)
2. Funky Paper ~ patterned decorative papers and her very own hand-painted papers ... Mmm!
3. Books (including a miniature book and 4 blank handmade journals)
4. Stencils ~ love the retro lady and birdie shapes.
5. Chinese Lanterns (what fun!)
6. Vintage buttons, Gemstones, Rose soap, Jasmine tea (one of my faves too)
7. Patchwork ~ ooooh so pretty, Debra sewed a beautiful little zip up bag and an awesome patchwork tote! Lucky me!!
8. Trims

Thank you so much, Debra for spoiling me, and even including a
scrumptious heart-shaped peanut butter cup which I shared with my hubby.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

To Amy from Linda

Amy says:
In my set of goodies was a little bag with a gorgeous rhinestone closure, some lovely fabric and a terrific goodie bag filled with all kinds of notions, foil, thread, etc.
I also received a favorite stamp, some alcohol inks (love them!), distressing powder that I can't wait to try, a little journal and a little book of scenery drawings which I can't wait to use to fill the journal!
I was also the recipient of a darling knitted washcloth and one of my favorite rose soaps. We were definitely in synch and it turned out amazing all neatly tucked away in a cigar box. Linda went way above and beyond!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

To Lelainia from Liz

Liz's gift arrived in thei wonderful box, in my most favourite colour! It was chock full of little surprises.

When I took the lid off, there were all kinds of pretty packages inside, each one wrapped and tied with a ribbon and a tag explaining what she chose. Liz, like Barbara has gorgeous handwriting. Liz did such a nice job of the info tags that I am going to make them into a small book so I can keep them.

It wasn't long before the paper was off, revealing all the treasures she had carefully chosen and sent. Everything from handmade soaps to tomato scented incense, to a mixed CD, to candy, chai, magazines, ephemera and ornaments and more!

The thing that I loved the best though was this little antique articulated ruler. It folds in four segments and is edged in brass and made from boxwood. I adore old tools and it felt so good in my hands. It reminded me of my Gramps. I am going to find a special place for it in my studio because I know I will want to pick it up from time to time and unfold it, just because. (It's sitting on top of the box in this photo.)

Thank you Liz for all the beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Your choices reminded me of what kindred spirits we are. I loved everything and thank you for making today special for me. Opening your box felt like you were right here with me. I hope the PO has your parcel today. xox


To Lelainia from Barbara

Barbara's package came beautifully wrapped. She included this card explaining a bit about her choices of gifts. I just love her handwriting-so pretty.

Inside everything was neatly packaged. It was so lovely, I didn't want to mess things up by opening them! Eventually the temptation won out and I began gently removing the paper.

Inside was a paper plethera of delightful paper goods. I could hardly believe my eyes! I thought I was the queen of paper mongers, but after seeing what Barbara sent, I realize I am only the paper princess and Barbara is the queen! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to open all the little packets of goodies, each one filled with amazing things!

Look at this collection of tags!! Barbara is a big Cavellini fan, like I am and I adore tags! I will have so much fun finding special ways to use all this wonderful stuff.

This card didn't photograph very well but it's so soft and sweet and I want to find a frame for it and hang it in the studio. There was a fun postcard that I also want to frame. It's artsy and says: "You should perform your tricks as calmly as possible and say very little during your performance." I love that-it's so right on the money about remaining humble.

Thank you Barbara for such wonderful goodies. You were incredibly generous and I loved each and every little gem. It was so wonderful to learn more about you through your gifts. Happy Valentine's Day my friend! xo


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Linda Koch

And last, but not least, here are Linda Koch's gifts all boxed up and ready to make their way to Amy's house!

See you tomorrow and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY everyone!!


Amy Huff

The little monsters were keeping an eye on Amy Huff's gifts before she mailed them off to her partner Linda. Remeber, only one more sleep till we open our goodies!! Come back over the next few days to see what was inside!


Monday, February 11, 2008

Debra Cooper

OOOO! Check out these prettily wrapped gifts! These are Debra Cooper's favourite things that were sent off to Dawn. Love the big pink heart!

These parcels are so tempting. Is it Valentine's day yet?!?


Liz Smith

See all these pretty goodies? These arrived at my door from the lovely Liz Smith. If you are keeping track, yes I have two partners-due to an odd number of sign ups. I can't wait to see what goodies Liz loves!
Only 2 more days left till Valentine's Day!!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Caren McNee

This towering stack of presents is the work of Caren McNee. She's carefully wrapped them and sent them off to her partner Arlene. I'm sure Arlene can't wait to see what they are!! Neither can we!


Friday, February 08, 2008

Arlene Travnik

Brown paper packages, tied up with string...Arlene took the theme literally when packing up her favourite things! This mystery went out to her partner CarenMcNee.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dawn Supina

This box is making it's way to Debra Cooper's house from Dawn Supina. Love the polkadots! I wonder what's inside?!


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